The Dr Oz Green Coffee Beans

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It’s official; green coffee bean extract is an extremely efficient fat burner and it is very helpful in weight loss. The reputable Dr. Oz even conducted experiments on TV to prove to the masses that this breakthrough could what the world of weight loss had been missing all along. So what is it and how does it work?

Green coffee bean extract is simply the nut of the fruit of the coffee tree in its green form. Usually, to get your coffee, a coffee plant is harvested for its green beans. These are then dried and then roasted and ground into coffee. For the green bean extract, the roasting is eliminated and all that is needed of the beans is that they are dried when they are still green. They are then ground and the extract is made. In the famous experiment, subjects were able to lose up to 17 pounds or 8 kilos which is a lot of weight to lose in 12 weeks. Better still, it had no side effects.

It is very interesting because to date, scientists cannot understand why the extract is so effective for weight loss; they only know that it works. There have been several theories put forward as to the reason the extract is so effective. One of them is that it causes calories not to be absorbed. Another is that the extract dampens the glycemic spike after a meal. Yet another is that it slows down the conversion of sugar to fat. All these are plausible reasons as to why the coffee beans are so effective, but none of these have been tested or proved. We certainly hope Dr. Oz will look into getting behind the reasons why green coffee beans help with weight loss.

This extract has also shown some promise in treating high blood pressure. Experiments showed that sufferers had reduced high blood pressure only 28 days after starting on the extract. Again, the reasons for this are unknown.

There have been some criticisms of the experiment. Some have said that the sample was too small to give conclusive results; it may be true because only 16 women were put on the extract. Some have highlighted that one of the people on the show that showed the experiments is just too close to it not to be myopic; she holds a senior position in one of the 2 companies that manufactures the extract.

The only way to know if it works would be to try it for yourself so order some today.

If you take weight loss supplements, you should also consider taking vitamins like fish oil or even Antarctic krill oil, which are both packed with omega 3 and are very good for your health.

What Are Ketones?

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Ordinarily, your body will burn glucose to provide you with energy. Sometimes, however, it will turn to burning fat because there isn’t enough insulin to burn the glucose. This usually happens when one has Type 1 diabetes. Ketones are what is left when the body is burning fat for energy. They usually move from the blood and into your urine. Because they are dangerous, it is important that people with Type 1 diabetes constantly test for them. In fact, a lot of diabetes fatalities occur because of high ketone levels from a condition called diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA.

Testing for ketones

Ketone tests are done on urine using a simple kit. To make them more available to diabetes sufferers, kits can be bought over the counter without the need for a prescription. What to look for is how many ketones the kit will say are present in your urine. The kits can give 3 results: high, moderate or low. You want them to be low. Even in the absence of Type 1 diabetes, there are instances when the doctor will test for ketones:

- When you are very ill. This is because illness can cause an increase in blood sugar and your body might choose to burn fat instead.

- If 2 consecutive tests show that your blood sugar is 250mg/dl or over.

- Pregnant women are advised to test for ketones when they wake up and before they take breakfast if their blood sugar is higher than 250mg/dl.

What do you do with test results?

A high ketone count is not so worrying; you will do just fine so long as you don’t high blood sugar levels. High sugar levels mean that you may slip into a diabetic coma. You may also get high results for ketones if you are losing weight. The effort to lose weight forces your body to eat some of the fat that it has stored and they will turn up in your urine. To be safe, follow that up with a blood sugar test.

If you get positive results and your blood sugar is positive, you need an insulin shot. If it is unconfirmed whether or not you have diabetes, this is the time to see a physician so that they can do all the necessary tests. After your insulin injection, you need to keep testing for ketones every 2 or 3 hours and monitor them until their levels drop.

The Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

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The Benefits of Garcinia CambogiaOne of the most talked about supplements in the weight loss world today is garcinia cambogia. Even Dr. Oz has highlighted it as the best supplement for weight loss. So what is it and how does it work? Garcinia cambiogia is an extract that comes from the rinds of fruits that grow on a tree of the same name. The fruit is harvested, the rinds are removed, dried and ground into powder. The tree grows in southern Asia and the locals use the extract to flavor beef curries and also as a condiment for sea food. They also use it to treat minor stomach ailment. Only recently has it been discovered as a weight loss supplement.

If you start taking garcinia cambogia, there are two ways in which it works. First, you will not feel hungry often because the extract stops the production of hormones that make you hungry. Usually, a signal is sent from your brain in the form of a hormone to tell you that you are hungry. The extract slows down the production of this hormone and very few of them come through. The result is that you will eat fewer times in the day.

The second way it works is by making sure that fat isn’t absorbed during the digestive process. When you eat something that contains fat, at some point it will be absorbed from the intestine and stored in different locations of the body. Garcinia cambogia stops this from happening so that the fat is excreted with your stool. Combined, these two methods of encouraging weight loss are powerful. You can lose all extra weight it 2 or 3 weeks. If this happens, stop taking the extract and instead focus on a better diet and exercise.

Does it have side effects?

No, pure garcinia cambogia extract will not have any side effects. Some people have reported headaches, sleeplessness, rashes and oil stools. This can happen if you take extract that isn’t pure. The filler in the pills is what causes the reaction. The only symptom that you can expect is oils stools; this is because the fat that would otherwise have been absorbed is passed as stool. The only way to make sure that you avoid side effects is to shop from trusted brands. Check the percentage of garcinia cambogia that is indicated on the packaging. The more extract the brand has, the less likely it is that it will have side effects.

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